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Website development in Kochi (Cochin)

Based on the data obtained, a phased, competent plan of work in Kochi (Cochin) is drawn up to develop sites quickly and without alterations due to a rational sequence.

Types of sites

Development of Landing Page

Creating Landing Page

Our features on creating Landing Page in Kochi (Cochin) include an individual design that helps to sell, fast in boot, adaptive and convenient to navigation.

Creation of an online store

Development of an online store

Based on personal experience and trends, to create an online store, designers of our web studio in Kochi (Cochin) will offer various options for original and memorable design.

Creation of corporate sites

Development of a corporate site

The creation of corporate sites on individual projects and based on ready -made solutions is a virtual and information presentation of your company in Kochi (Cochin), services, goods, brand.

Creation of a site-visitor

Development of a website-visit

Our tasks for developing a visitor site in Kochi (Cochin) include an analysis of competitors and drawing up a plan for the project, making the necessary corrections.

Our services

Site design development

Site design development

Now we are creating a graphic layout of your site in Kochi (Cochin) in the process of developing the site design, taking into account all color preferences or according to the company's company style.

Site layout

Site layout

Site layout correctly has all the elements on the page in Kochi (Cochin) and makes it convenient to work with them. It cannot be imagined without HTML.

Development of a prototype site

Creating a prototype of the site

As a result of the development of the site prototype in Kochi (Cochin), you can understand what will be the location of various information blocks, which selling triggers will be used.



We will advise you to choose a hosting in Kochi (Cochin) - this is a virtual place where all the files and data you need will be stored for the full and uninterrupted operation of the site.

Support for the site

Support for the site

Therefore, we manually process each application to support sites in Kochi (Cochin), because this is the only true way to guarantee the invariably high quality of our services.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization

SEO optimization and support for sites in Kochi (Cochin) should be carried out in accordance with future algorithms in order to meet the current requirements of the search engine.


Creating sites on WordPress

Website development on WordPress

The plugins allow not only to ensure the creation and development of the WordPress website in Kochi (Cochin), but also the safety, control of the SEO-response of content.

Creation of sites on Opencart

Opencart sites development

When choosing this site management system, you can be sure that creating a website on OpenCart in Kochi (Cochin) will be your worthy representation on the network.

Creating sites for Tilda

Development of sites on Tilda

The designer of Tilda is a standard on the market for creating sites sites. We are developing sites on Tilda in Kochi (Cochin) - these are simple sites with an intuitive interface and a block structure.

Drupal sites development

Creating sites on Drupal

The system of creating sites on Drupal in Kochi (Cochin) representatives a ready -made basis for creating sites of any complexity, the functionality of which can be supplemented by created and lined modules.

Website development on LPGENERATOR

Creation of sites on LPGENERATOR

You can launch a landing landing landing house to create a website on LPGENERATOR in Kochi (Cochin) instead of a multi -page site for each type of product or service and work with a large traffic flow.

Creation of sites on WIX

Website development on WIX

Choosing WIX, you get a full package in Kochi (Cochin) in Kochi (Cochin): sites designer, reliable hosting, effective means of search optimization and much more.

Site development on MODX

Creation of sites on MODX

MODX is an incredibly scalable, stable, fast and safe Open Source CMS in Kochi (Cochin) for creatures of sites. The site on MODX is flexibility, convenience and reliability.

Creation of sites on Joomla

Joomla sites development

The site when developing on Joomla is optimized by keywords, so your target audience in Kochi (Cochin) is guaranteed to find you on the Internet.

Other services

SMM promotion

SMM promotion

Based on the data on the analysis of the interests of the target audience, we will make a detailed SMM promotion strategy in Kochi (Cochin) and prepare the content plan.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

A strong specialist in Kochi (Cochin) is distinguished by the ability to work with large and complex projects and achieve the set goals of the contextual advertising campaign.

Website promotion

Website promotion

Our task is to plan a project to promote the site in Kochi (Cochin), the system setting and management systems, and the content of the Content, and monthly expanded reports.

Prices for website development in Kochi (Cochin)

SEO prices
⭐ PREMIUM SEO PACKAGE от 678 EUR per month
⭐ BUSINESS SEO PACKAGE от 276 EUR per month
⭐ START UP SEO PACKAGE от 119 EUR per month
Website development
⭐ Basic website from 846.8 EUR
⭐ Ecommerce website от 2767 EUR
⭐ Enhanced website from 1637 EUR
⭐ Bespoke website design price от 5607 EUR



India, Kochi (Cochin);
Phone number: 8(800)6960462


Discount for pensioners

Discount for pensioners

For large families

For large families

12% discount when ordering services through the form on the site.

Discount for new settlers

Discount for new settlers


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Bank card

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Payment cash

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Payment online

Cashless payments

Cashless payments

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