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Site development in Addis Ababa

Our company attaches great importance to creating sites in Addis Ababa with the requirements for the design of corporate sites, uses concepts, IOC-APs, counterparts, mudboards and interactive prototypes.

Types of sites

Creation of an online store

Development of an online store

The main goal of creating an online store in Addis Ababa is the possibility of a quick and convenient order for goods with several payment options, as well as delivery.

Creation of corporate sites

Development of a corporate site

The implementation of any client’s ideas is included in our company's tasks in Addis Ababa to develop corporate sites, just like the work of the autonomous department of digital marketing.

Creation of a site-visitor

Development of a website-visit

We accept both personal web pages and business sites to the work on creating a business card site in Addis Ababa, which will further become a source of new customers and sales.

Development of Landing Page

Creating Landing Page

Own site is a starting point in successful business. Our services to create Landing Page in Addis Ababa will help you find new partners, increase the number of sales and profits.

Our services

Site design development

Site design development

Now we are creating a graphic layout of your site in Addis Ababa in the process of developing the site design, taking into account all color preferences or according to the company's company style.

Site layout

Site layout

The tabular layout of the site in Addis Ababa involves dividing the page into cells adjacent to each other and is suitable for rubber layout.

Development of a prototype site

Creating a prototype of the site

The creation of an online store, landing, information portal in Addis Ababa begins with the development of a prototype of the site-a sketch that fixes the structure of the web project.



The choice of reliable hoster in Addis Ababa is important, since hosting is the basis for creating and developing sites, as well as launching online projects.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization

Our company provides effective SEO website optimization and support in Addis Ababa, our main performance indicator is the growth of the profit of our customers.

Support for the site

Support for the site

We know exactly how to deal with any project to support sites in Addis Ababa and solve any problems with minimal costs and maskimal efficiency.


Creating sites on WordPress

Website development on WordPress

We will help not only develop and create a website on WordPress in Addis Ababa, but also solve issues with representing interests in social networks, we will conduct an advertising campaign, we will develop an application.

Creation of sites on Opencart

Opencart sites development

Opencart is the latest platform for creating and developing sites in Addis Ababa as well as e -commerce, which is characterized by convenience and functionality.

Creating sites for Tilda

Development of sites on Tilda

The creation and operation of Natilda sites in Addis Ababa helps to save time and offers a simple, powerful tool so that we can realize almost any ideas with minimal costs.

Drupal sites development

Creating sites on Drupal

If you are interested in a service such as creating sites using the Drupal management system in Addis Ababa, our company is ready to offer you the widest variations of work with CMS.

Creation of sites on WIX

Website development on WIX

According to the Soft Media Group web studio, the WIX service in Addis Ababa is one of the most popular and demanded designers.

Website development on LPGENERATOR

Creation of sites on LPGENERATOR

Our technology for creating websites Landing Page on LPGenerator in Addis Ababa is used by thousands of users to generate real applications and increase sales

Creation of sites on Joomla

Joomla sites development

Turning to us for the development of the site on Joomla in Addis Ababa, you can be sure and calm that you will get a quality and fully working project.

Site development on MODX

Creation of sites on MODX

MODX is an incredibly scalable, stable, fast and safe Open Source CMS in Addis Ababa for creatures of sites. The site on MODX is flexibility, convenience and reliability.

Other services

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is various ads in Addis Ababa, which are shown to users in accordance with their search queries, interests or behavior on the Internet.

SMM promotion

SMM promotion

The main direction of SMM process in Addis Ababa is the work with content, which the community places in social networks. It needs to be organized so that the records are released regularly.

Website promotion

Website promotion

In addition to internal work on promoting sites in Addis Ababa, an external SEO-optimization is also carried out: extension of reference mass and placement of press releases.

Prices for website development in Addis Ababa

Website development
⭐ Enhanced website from 1639 EUR
⭐ Bespoke website design price от 5602 EUR
⭐ Ecommerce website от 2765 EUR
⭐ Basic website from 851.8 EUR
SEO prices
⭐ BUSINESS SEO PACKAGE от 270 EUR per month
⭐ PREMIUM SEO PACKAGE от 677 EUR per month
⭐ START UP SEO PACKAGE от 112 EUR per month



Ethiopia, Addis Ababa;
Phone number: 8(800)6960462


Discount for pensioners

Discount for pensioners

For large families

For large families

12% discount when ordering services through the form on the site.

Discount for new settlers

Discount for new settlers


You can pay for plastic windows in Addis Ababa by any method convenient for you:

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Bank card

Payment cash

Payment cash

Payment online

Payment online

Cashless payments

Cashless payments

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